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Artist Agreement

Below is an outline of the key points for working with ATP Records. CLICK HERE to see our contract.
Non-exclusive license
You're giving us a license to sell and promote your music, but you can sign agreements with others. This means you can sell your own CDs thru other outlets, as well as sign with another label.
You own your rights.
We only work with you or your management, and you must own the rights to their own music. We do not work with labels or licensing companies.
No samples or copyrighted cover songs
We cannot release any music that has copyrighted samples in it (please make all your own samples) or is from a copyrighted song someone else has written. Songs in the public domain (i.e.: classical) are fine
You own your music
If you've been previously signed, or are currently signed, to another record label, you may not be able to work with ATP Records. Many recording contracts have exclusivity provisions in them, even if the record label goes under. You should consult a lawyer to see how your current recording contract limits you. Note working with ATP Records, you will still own 100% of the copyright to your music: you are simply granting us a non-exclusive license to it.
ATP Records does not have the resources to pay for your recording. ATP Records will work with you to create crowd funding project to raise money to help cover your recording expenses.
Revenue Split
ATP Records makes it money selling your music on Rockin To America. You set the selling price. The cost for selling your CD on Rockin To America is $3 to dupe and $2.95 for shipping and handling. Note: Shipping can change. You earn everything over that
We will deposit in to your PayPal at the end of the month for every CD sold.
Transparent bookkeeping
ATP Records will provide a record of all your CDs sold upon request.
PR materials
You will supply us with album art, group photographs (high quality, suitable for posters and press kits), and a biography. You give us the right to use your likeness for promotional purposes.
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